Flexible metallic hoses

Категория: Продукция

Flexible metallic hoses designed to compensate for relative angular displacement and shifts due to thermal expansion of structures being connected. May be used for transfer of working products at a flow fate: fluid – 10 m/s, gas – 40 m/s.

Medium handled – fresh steam water, condensate, oil products, air, freon steam, hydraulic fluid for hydraulic systems. Temperature of handled medium from 213K (-60°C) to 473K (200°C). Maximum working pressure – up125 bar. Construction – flexible tubing, single think wall, continuous metallic, parallel corrugations, hydraulically forme a from a batt welded tube.

Flexible tubing is contained with single or double austenitic stainless steel braids. Metallic hoses may be supplied with any other end fittings for at will of the customer, so and singly.