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Advantages of rubber covering wedge gate valve in comparison with, a gate valves similar on chara cte n stics :

  • high reliability (tim e b etwe en failures up to 1000 cycles,  
  • Small torque,
  • Hon stuffing — fox seal of spindle, absence of deepings and grooves in the case of gate valve,
  • Double sealing of a spindle; doubLs sealing of a supporting bush,
  • Pi & strict of a cuff f 01 «xtemalpiot&ction of sealing spindle;
  • Isolation of basic unit from working medium it a full raising of a wedge;
  • Impossibility of jamming of wedge gate (an elastic w-idge);
  • Covering of product outside and inside a. pejjrt powder, ptot* cling a gale valve from.

      Materials contacting with a working medium are allowable for contact to the food, Bolts aie fastened cover and the case are isolated from environment, Opportunity of leplacement seal of basic "unit and spindle;, Reduction of friction and smoothness of a course in a wedge due to application of the running bush from a brass; Resence of conformity and hygienic certificates of a gate valves 

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      The checkvalves are designed for prevention of revers stream medium in industrial lines of chemicals ceUuloss-papSimalamg arid others manufactures for medium, by count-to which азе using corxosion reSLstantmaterials, temperature up to .573K£3QQoC). Medium feedfoi disk Attachment to pipe-line: coupled according to COST 6211 -81. Tightntsj of gate according to class В COST 9 344-93.Mounting position—upwaids plug. Service conditions-Ш GOST 1515Q-tf 0;from 233KC-4QoC>ip to 323КС-50оф From 213TCC-6QoQ up to 323К.£+ЗОоС} for modification from alloyed steel corrosion-resistant stainless steel Seal into gate —metal to metal. Material of main parts body-lov-carbon steel, alloyed steel, corrosion-resistant stainless, рас king surf aces-alloyed steel, corrosion resistant stainless steel. 

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      Moisture trap are designed for automatic outlet of condensale from systems of feed and outlet of steam and shall be installed in the pipeline systems Working position of moisture trap in systems —cap in top position Matenal of units —carbon steel or stainless steel . Casing— hot punched Moisture trap has two types: Type A—weld mounting in pipeline system with temperature of medium to 573EC[300oC) Type В—thread mounting in pipeline systems with temperatuie of medium to 



      Mounting position of valve in -Iht pipe-line maybe аду The check pocketed velves are designed in pipelines foe water1 and stew». Nominal pressure, MPA(kgl?crti 2) .-up to 6,3 (63), Working iiifiJiuin -water, steam and other mediums The lemperrfuie -of-working pressure up to 425°C Mounting to pipeline —flanged with, reply flanges for welding Tightness of gate—class A CHraatic conditions—Yl <UP [ steal. ceiton ]:••* slteL stainless redstart conosion sleet surfae* Sealing steel d cover—alloys and Body puts: main of Material months life—24 Service (wheel); drive Hand metal on —metal gate Sealingintne C| -40* to>



      This valve tit USI-GN*D Sealing steel and of Service drive Hand on gate to surficeS-steeL alloyed cover body parts oFnem. Mateual monlhs life-2J (wheel) ^30°C) (up version-YL CHmalic melall metall the in A.Sealing gate— Tightness flahg^s -reply with pipeline—flanged Mounting 300°C medium—up working Temperature elicpteumproducts. ous gase air,gas.liquid steam —water,technical medium Working 4(40), up cm2)- kgf ( M.PA , pressure Nominal one any be may direction feed Medium, gaseous liquid iviUi pipelines gss arrangement stop не bsta^ation fci


      Затворы поворотные Брсжижые не стальные с ручным и пневмопрнводпом

      Galas va)v*s aia designed fcimstellfltoan in pipelines system (on ships and ply meeiis) and aie useful for oveilap and fluid flows cantcoE-fi'esbwatei, Sta walei, oil and other difference petroleum pro ducts (benzine, kerosene, dieselond boiler fuel, oil e.s) at the temperature from 271K.(-2°CT| upto3-33K Double flanged body permits to fit valves as on the ends, so on the tuid pipelines. Construction of seal nodes guaranties strength, and reliability of shut- off during 15 years per 5000 cycles. Wiciet gales valves are supplied by two types 
      1. Pneumatic drive of shut- off disc witlireniout contiol 
      2. Hydraulic drive of shut-off disc itiiieiticut contact. 

      This gate valves are designed for installation as stop arrangement in gas pipeline with L : and gaseous medium Medium feed direction may be -any one; Mounting position in pipeline eny one instead of vheel dowrr, Hoiwnal pressure—MPA (fcgJJc-utO- up to 16(16CQr Woikaig medium —ater, stea industrial gas liquid оэ! -and-pelioleunt products end пол corrosion medium . Temperature of working medium . up to 30"*С Medium feed detection—flanged ivilhieply flanges, gasket of oval section, eoupled, to lap and but welding . Tightness in the gate—class A. Climatic version - Yl. Hand^whee|(. Service life—24 months.Material of1 main parts: body and sleeL.a£oyed steel 'packing suifacef-nlioyed steel. 



    • This check pocketed valves are designed for installation in industrial lines with liquid and gaseous medium Mounting to the pipeline may be any one ; Kominal pressure ,MPA (IcgfVcia up lo 16(16Op; Vor"hmg medium —water, imiu-sliial sleani ,an, gas, liquid and gaseous petroleum products ,non corrosive The teraperatuire of "working medium up lo ЗДО^С Mounting lo ttit pipeline—flange with reply flanges ,gasket of oval section -.Coupled, Tightness of valves—class A Sealing—metal on metab Climatic version—Yl Hand drlve-(wlieel|. Service life— 24 monllis. Material of main parts body and covti alloyed steel corrosion cesislanL stainless steel, puckung surfaces—steel .gland surface—steel 


    • The check pocketed va|v«-s are designed for installation in industrial lines with liquid and gaseous me&um by count to w^iich aje using corcoston resistant ma-teiials. Mounting to pipeline may Ъе алу one Hominalptessiu-f. MPA (kgJfein.") up to I Working medium — ?leuiv water, air, liquid The temperature of ч-oi king medium: up to 300°C. Mounting to pipcLrj* — Flttngod witli reply flanges» coupled. Sealing in the gaUs on metal.; Climalic version — XLl (Xip lo -6C^O^ Hand ifaivs - fwhtel). Service- kfe^24 months Material of main, parts: b<-dy and cover alloyed steel .':-.;.- sttrface^— steel. Gland st-uffing — graflei.