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Installation pump two-screw well for production of petroleum VH2BC


1.pump two-screw well;
2.frixtion: pipe line drive:
4/8 centrator;
5. top torsion:
6. flange;
7. drive

Variant of drive mouther with exspl о sj о n-proof tng i ne w i rh continuosly of regulation of freguency of ratation Variant of a drive mouther with worm by a reducer and tiansmission belt by transfer with replaceable pulees.

The characteristic of the pump :

The installation is intended for production of petroleum mainly raised(increased) viscosity and gascontain from chinks with a conditional diameter of a column casing of pipes in a working zone of immersing of the pump 127, 140, 146 and 168 mm. The contents in liquid seam of a liquid: a) Mechanical impurity no more than 0,8 g/l;
b) Free gas on reception of the pump on volume no more than 50 %;
c) Water no more than 99 %.
Maximal temperature of a liquid in seam conditions 393 To (120 K). The maximal viscosity of a liquid in seam conditions 5 10ˉ³ м²/c maximal Consumed - size help. The twisting moment is passed to a working body of the pump by a drive mouth, established on flamge crassing of a chink. The drive mouth is executed in two variants in structure: Structure of installation and pump two-screw are given in figures 1 and 2. Тhe column consists of a set of boring pipes 50x 5,5 with swivel in length till 6 meters on. On each pipe is established instaill, save protecting ¸ from contact with by a column. The column serves for descent – go up of the pump, transfer of the twisting moment on a working body of the pump and rise seam of a liquid on a surface. 

The plant is designed for transferring clean and contaminated fluids containing up to 3 mm mechanical particles, provided the total amount of edmixtures does not exceed 5% of the mass of fluid transferred at a temperature not above 323°K capable of handling sunh materials as thick, non-flowing pastes, slurries, raggy type products, and vegetable processing waste. In fact, the Widethroad range can cope with viscosities up to 1000000 Centipoise maximum rotational speed of rotor up 500 RPm.

The plant are used in coal extractive industry for of divisional and coal face water drenage colliery, water drenage for sumps and drain sewarge systems by construction of grades, inclue shaft and horizontal workings, in house and external plants which dangerous for gas (methane) and coal dusts, agriculture, building, water supply and domestic industries.

General information:

The single-screw pumps is of the positive-displacment type (with a gear ratio 1=1/2) in wich the screw noves planetarily in the fixed elastic casing. The casing & the screw form closed cambers-sluices. With the screw rotating, the working fluid enclosed in the slulces flows from the suction bousing chamber of the dellvery housing, in which case rarefaction is produced in the suction housing, while pressure is built up in the delivery one.Empruvable construction of the plant more reliability in operation. Service life is increasing because of using this new construction:

Casing is pressed to the screw automatically. Casing worn by pumping fluid under the pressure;

Securing, fixation and packing propeller shaft head with drive shaft;

Applicated coupling with seats and elastic shells of special profile; Applicated wear-resistant coating by chrome of screw surfaces and friction of working member transmission.

The single-screw pumps may come complete with spare perts: casings, propeller shaft, pints and sealing.It’s may be orderred as in assembly also pump without drive. By request we will be finished the single-screw pumps. 

Electric pumps ЦВС are designed for pumping sea, fresh and drinking water. The pumps are suitable for pumping water contaminated with petroleum products and with solids of not more than 1 mm in size.


General information:

Electric pumps ЦВС provides of reliable work under various conditions, incl. on ships in case of prolonged list up to 15° & pitch up to 5° rolling of up ±22,5°, with periods 7-9 sec., Pitching up 10° from vertical, and also in case of combined rolling 8-r pitoning, in self-priming condition no more 15 min. The pump cases no radio interference. The pump may be complete with instruments (compound pressure question vacuum gauge).

Electric pumps НЦКГ are designed to transfer condensate at a temperature to 383°K and density 1000 kg/m3 and brive (or tea water) at a temperature of 269…343°K and density no more than 1060 kg/m3. Pump is horizontal, cradle-mounted, centrifugal, single-stage, monoblock. 


General information:

Electric pump НЦКГ provides of work in case of prolonged list up 15°, pitch up 5°. rolling of up ± 22,5°, with periods 7-9 seconds and pitching up 7,5°, and in case of combined rolling & pitching. The pump causes no radio interference. The pump may be complete with instruments (compound pressure & vacuum gauge). 

The pump is designed to handle utility water and sewage liquide, temperature to 328°K, density 1050 kg/m3, from 6 acidity to pH, abrasive maximum content 0,25% by volume.


General information:

Electric pump ФГС 25/14 provides of reliable work under various conditions, incl. on ship in case of prolonged list 15° rad, pitch up to 5° rad, rolling of ±22,5° rad, and, in case of combined rolling & pitching. The pump causes no radio interference. The pump may be complete with instruments (compound pressure & vacuum gauge).

Electric pumps НЦВСМ are designed for pumping fresh and drinking water by temperature 273up 313°K. The pumps are suitable for pumping water contained with petroleum product and with solids of not more than imm in size and by density in water 1,2-2,3 kg/m3. 


Design features:

The electric motor fastened with flange on the body of pump. The pump consist of body, socket with suction elbow, unit of inserts stop by pivot. The filter cartridge which packed with rubber ring installed in socket. Elbow rotates through 180° according to conditions of operating.The body of pump and suction elbow have the added flanges to the pipe lines and threading holes for addition manometer and manovacummeters (if it is necessary). The pump НЦВСМ provides reliable continuous operation in various conditions, f. i. at the lengthwise incline up to 15° and side incline up to 45°.