About plant


To be first among the best in manufacture and maintenance of various industries, such a problem has put before itself collective of OAO “Zavod im. Gadjieva”. During 75 years stable both a hard work on domestic and the foreign markets, the company has achieved serious results.

The powerful industrial technical base and skilled qualified personnel of a company allow to let out production corresponding to the best world analogues that proves to be true its export to 27 countries of the world. We provide the strict control over quality of products constant use new technologies fast and operative performance of orders.

That is increasing revolutions of manufacture a company always is ready to provide you in the big volumes of the production. Due to powerful and effective marketing strategy there is a constant expansion sales and service net.OAO “Zavod im. Gadjieva” offers only certificated production. System of quality meets the requirements of the international standards of series USO.

We make and deliver product with certificates of various classification societies of the Register of Lloyd, the German Lloyd, DNV, Russian sea Register of ship.

We guarantee reliable mutually advantageous cooperation our purpose – the maximum satisfaction of your needs!